What is Trauma?

There are many definitions of trauma but simply said, it is the lasting pain and suffering that results from experiencing something, which at the time, we were unable to cope with, mentally, emotionally or physically. Lasting symptoms of trauma can affect our thinking, behaviour and physical health. Negative emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, irritation […]

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Symptoms you might have…

Trauma symptoms vary in intensity and from person to person. Some common symptoms include: Mental confusion. You may having trouble thinking clearly, making decisions, concentrating or reading for more than a minute or two. You might feel scattered or mentally numb. Memory. You may have trouble clearly recalling the traumatic event or events surrounding the […]

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What is PTSD?

Many people believe that PTSD is something that only happens to soldiers or people who’ve experienced extreme physical violence but did you know that neglect, emotional or psychological abuse during childhood can cause many of the same symptoms? When these symptoms affect a person’s functioning in regular life activities such as relationships, jobs, spirituality or […]

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