Fees, Services & Appointment Scheduling


Counselling for Depression, Anxiety and Trauma with expertise in treating clients who suffer from:

  • Anxiety, Excessive Worry, Fear of Not Belonging
  • Depression, Loneliness, Lack of Connection to Others
  • Relationships with Narcissists, Self-Love Deficiency, Co-Dependency
  • Adult Children of Alcoholic Parents
  • Adults overcoming setbacks and Trauma from Childhood Adversity
  • Symptoms of Trauma including Anxiety & Depression
New Clients

All new clients must attend an Initial Session.
20 minute consultation – free
70 – 90 minute initial session – $170 + Tax

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing):

90 minute session – $195 + tax

In-Person Clients
55-70 minute session – $140 + Tax
Online Clients
Online Clients 55-70 minutes $130 + Tax
Online Clients – 90 minutes or more $185 + Tax

Please visit my booking page for couples counselling rates. I dedicate 20% of my client load to reduced-fee counselling for healthcare workers.

Payment by e-Transfer to michele@peaceofmindcounselling.com or cash.

Please contact me by email michele@peaceofmindcounselling.com

to learn more about this reduced rate.

In Person or Online Appointments. I am only able to offer services to residents of Canada.