What is PTSD?

Many people believe that PTSD is something that only happens to soldiers or people who’ve experienced extreme physical violence but did you know that neglect, emotional or psychological abuse during childhood can cause many of the same symptoms? When these symptoms affect a person’s functioning in regular life activities such as relationships, jobs, spirituality or recreation, it is possible that complex PTSD may be the cause.

Do you constantly second guess yourself?

Do you find yourself being irritable or angry almost all the time?

Is it tough for you to remember events clearly?

Are you easily startled or jumpy?

Maybe you rely on substances such as alcohol or cannabis to hold it all together, or get calm.

Sleep disturbances are a common symptom of trauma.

If this sounds like you, even partially, it’s important you know, there is help for you! Symptoms of trauma, PTSD and CPTSD can be treated and helped. If you have experienced specific trauma event(s) two different psychological treatments have helped alleviate or in some cases heal those symptoms.

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing is psychological treatment that is giving many people relief. If you want to learn more, check out this link: What is EMDR?

CPT – Cognitive Processing Therapy is a psychological treatment that you can do with a therapist. The whole treatment can be done is as few as 10-12 sessions, once it’s been determined that this is the right treatment for you. To learn more, watch this video, What is CPT?

Take control of your life again, and get help recovering from the trauma you’ve experienced.

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