What is love bombing?

Has someone ever shown their interest in you by flooding you with attention, praise and gifts? Were you put on a pedestal? Did you feel like in a very short time, you were head-over heels in love? Then you might be the subject of love-bombing.

Although compliments are a nice way of showing appreciation to someone, love-bombing takes on a whole other level, which although flattering, might feel like it’s just over the top. The non-stop attention and huge, often expensive or extravagant gestures might make you feel like you are being swept off your feet.

10 Signs you are being love-bombed

  1. Excessive, flattering compliments, such as, you are the most intelligent/ irresistible/ desirable/attractive/brilliant/ talented etc.
  2. Declarations of undying love after only knowing the person a few weeks or months.
  3. Texting that becomes excessively frequent to the point where it takes over your life.
  4. Putting you on a pedestal, feeling like the person worships you.
  5. Gifts that are excessive, expensive or extravagant or beyond the means of the giver.
  6. The love-bomber wants to be with you 24/7.
  7. The love-bomber takes over your social calendar, starts suggesting who you do or don’t spend time with.
  8. The love-bomber acts jealous or puts down the other important people in your life.
  9. The love-bomber fantasizes about how great your lives together would be.
  10. The love bomber professes their love in extreme ways, such as I would die without you, my life would be meaningless without you.

If this sounds familiar, you might know a narcissist. At first it can feel pretty nice to have someone treat you this way. However, love-bombing is a phase which will end. In fact, it often flips on a dime once the narcissist believes they have caught you. It turns into something very different where you are belittled, insulted, controlled and isolated from all your former friends, family and colleagues. Many people end up in difficult life circumstances before they realize they are trapped in a narcissistic bind.

Love-bombing has a way of morphing into something that can end up controlling you and taking over your life. Check out my Blog, After love-bombing.

There are ways you can learn to navigate this situation. I can help.

If you are caught in the narcissist’s classic pattern of triangulating, where you are pitted against another love interest or close relationship, take heart and if you can, consider whether you are better off to get out of the relationship. There is help and support for you here.

Some people get dropped or ghosted by the narcissist and this can be brutally painful. I’m here to help you recover.